Here is our objectives

Our Programs

The objects of the foundation include, but not limited to:

Aid For pregnant Women

To serve humanity by providing basic sensitisation for safe pregnancy

Financial Aid for Pregnant women

To assist in financial capacity, pregnant women whose delivery require assisted delivery in caesarean sections. 

care for pre-term pregnancies.

To assist health providers and hospitals to care for pre-term pregnancies.

To be a social advocate for prohibition of abortions

Procurement of machines and equipment

To assist hospitals in the procurement of machines and equipment aimed at improving child delivery safety

Distribution of basic drugs to  hospitals and clinics

To help procure and distribute to hospitals and clinics basic drugs that improve mother and child safety during pregnancy and delivery

Aid for Girl child

Girl Child right & Education

enjoy their human rights with dignity and equal opportunities.

parenting support

Offer Pregnancy and Parenting support.


Donate now to help save Pregnant woment and Girl child’s lives.