We are gilrs and mothers luck foundation

About Us

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The Girls and Mother Luck Foundation is a Charitable Foundation with a passion for the girl child development and love for Mothers, this is a first of its kind in our local community Abeokuta South Local Government Area in the Southwestern part of Nigeria .
Our vision is to help, educate and support every female in the area of sex education, productivity, empowerment Pregnancy and parental support . As funding grows, the foundation will help to change more lives.

Our Aim

We aim to also offer educational support and summit for girls which will practically address discussions and topics like:

1. understanding puberty, 2. the female cycle, 3. safe-sex and abstinence 4. Productivity as a female gender. 5. How to handle challenges and pressure of Motherhood in our society. etc

Our Projections  also is to help at least 20 vulnerable mothers every month with delivery aid/ funds across our local health care delivery centres. Caesarean sessions is quite expensive and not very affordable considering the poverty rate in our community, no one should die giving life.  

We ha a vision is to build a community that empowers the girl child,  reduce maternal mortality rate, and educate every female in to live a life of productivity and possibilities.

We Care. We Listen. We Understand. We Relate


This is a burden bore out of life experiences and we are ready to undertake this task with passion and dedication.